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A Couple of Ideas To Prevent Your Dog From Eating Poop

Whether Fido is tearing up the furniture or Fifi demands doing her company in your favorite shoes, you are no doubt at your wit’s end. Although taming your pet’s wild behavior might seem like a frustrating, difficult job at times, this post is loaded with great suggestions to assist you get your pooch under control.

Prevent Your Dog From Eating PoopSearch for triggers that may cause bad behavior from your pet dog. If your dog is suddenly displaying unwanted habits, perhaps something has changed that day: Has he been able to go on a walk or has he been cooped up? Were you gone all day when typically someone is at home? When things change their behavior can change as well, canines are creatures of consistency and.

canine_benefitsDiscover exactly what motivates your canine as a training benefit, and save it for training sessions to purchase optimal results. Some canines like a chance to chew on an unique squeaky toy or ball, while others love a specific brand name of treats or tiny pieces of fresh baked chicken. It never ever harms if the dog is a little starving so the treats appear even more delicious.

In order to train a pet dog well, you need to learn how to believe like a pet. Animals are not inspired by the exact same things people are, so it is needed to begin to understand exactly what your dog believes is important in life. You will be able to use that knowledge to train your animal effectively when you begin to see how your pet dog views the world.


If you are not major about making your pet dog carry out when regulated, do not give the command to start with. Do not let your canine ignore the command when given.

Teaching your pet dog an enjoyable trick, such as “play dead” can be an enjoyable method of sidetracking him. When your dogs behavior is bad, simply use the command you have actually established for his trick instead of using unfavorable punishment. This provides for a fun activity for your canine and creates a favorable environment for you too.

Dogs just like individuals all have their own character. Some canines can simply be more difficult to train than others for whatever factor. If somebody has a pet like this that is not responding to training or otherwise acting difficult in some cases the best choice is to look for an expert pet fitness instructor for aid and information.

applaud_your_petDo not forget to applaud your pet dogs for the advantages they do. Human beings can be a bit severe when they are not pleased with a pet’s behavior, while being far less demonstrative when their dog does good things. Your pet dog requires you to be very generous with appreciation so they can quickly understand exactly what you desire. Be generous with appreciation to reveal him just how much you value good behavior.

Now that you are equipped with the know how, it is time to take what you have learned and utilize it to purchase your naughty puppy on the roadway to being a pet you can be happy with. The good news is, even the most aggravating of pups can be trained with a little gentle assistance and a good dose of hard love.

In order to train a canine well, you need to discover to believe like a pet. If you are not serious about making your canine perform when commanded, do not provide the command to start with. When your pet dogs behavior is bad, simply utilize the command you have established for his trick rather of using negative penalty. If someone has a pet dog like this that is not responding to training or otherwise acting tough often the right option is to seek a professional canine trainer for aid and information.

Humans can be a bit extreme when they are not happy with a pet dog’s behavior, while being far less demonstrative when their pet does great things.

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How Important Is Animal Dental Care?

animal dental careDental care is a fundamental part of caring for your pet. Much like human beings– pets have teeth that can cause problems if they are not cared for with a correct dental regimen. You might have observed (or smelled), but dogs can suffer from foul breath similar to humans can.

Your vet is an important part of this dental care. Ask your vet to show you ways to brush your pets’ teeth effectively. Your vet knows the best ways to brush their teeth effectively so your beloved pet does not get gum disease or any of the other conditions connected with bad oral health.

You are going to need to invest some time finding the best tooth brush for your canine. You can utilize a kid’s toothbrush– but it is recommended that you rather purchase a special toothbrush for your family pet. It will make brushing simpler and is worth the money.

animal dental careTo buy a toothbrush you can visit your veterinarian or local pet supply shop. You may be amazed to see the number of variations of family pet tooth brushes and tooth paste’s there are. If you are not sure about exactly what kind to get, ask for help. There are some guidelines for choosing the best brush for your pet dog. You have to make certain that the bristles are soft so they do not damage the dog’s gums. You likewise have to make certain you pick the right sized brush (simply see to it its’ not too huge or too small for your pet dogs mouth). Finally inspect that the deal with is big enough for you to easily get a grip on the toothbrush.

You can not use human toothpaste on your pet. Rather use a special high quality toothpaste with components specially created for pet dogs. Less expensive brands may utilize active ingredients that are dangerous to your animal, and there are some typical active ingredients can make your family pet ill.

Brushing your pets’ teeth for the very first time can be challenging; particularly when they are not used to it. The key is to be mild, speak in a soft voice.

If your canine actually does not desire to enable you to brush his teeth without a fight you can use a towel. After a couple of weeks the dog will usually allow you to brush his teeth without any muss or fuss.


You ought to be brushing your pets’ teeth daily; however if you cannot manage that– when every second day needs to be great. It’s important that you start too see your pet dogs mouth as your very own. By doing this you will make sure that your pet dogs’ teeth will last well into old age; and obviously his pet breath will improve.

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Good Hunting Day for Dogs!

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2016-01-30 08.20.40

2016-01-30 08.21.23

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Frosty Day For A Dog Walk

Everything smells so DIFFERENT when it has the lovely layer of frost.  On this day the frost was so thick it appeared it had snowed a little bit overnight.

Thank goodness it wasn’t snow!

Frosty Day2016-01-02 07.58.44






The Japanese Vine Maple seems to have lost all of it’s red! But it sure makes for a pretty picture.
The roads were VERY slippery in the neighbourhood as the salt and sand trucks do not make it this deep into our area.

We had to walk very carefully and avoid the streets, in this case I am really glad we have places to walk where there are no sidewalks!

I made Bogey and Tyra pose for pictures, but only after we were safely in the park and walking on the sandy path!

2016-01-02 08.26.162016-01-02 08.27.07






Bogey was not happy as it meant he had to stop sniffing and marking!  Tyra was just unhappy to have to stop, she was having so much fun!!

According to Bogey and Tyra the only bad part of the walk was when it was over!

What Makes the Best Dog Christmas Gift?

If you are anything like I am, then Christmas gift giving is sure to include your trusted and loyal companion – your little furry friend and walking buddy – your dog. Dogs are every bit a part of the family as children and adults, so why would you exclude them from the joyous of all seasons and the excitement and delight of opening their very own Christmas gifts.

With so many gift-giving ideas for dogs on the market today, and such a vast number of playful toys that can truly mesmerize and entertain your pup for hours, it can be near to impossible to decide upon the best dog Christmas gift to give. Many of the typical toys for dogs lose both their presence and their value over a short period of time. How true it is that, much like children, our furry little friends can lose interest and become completely bored with that every day typical toy. Well, why not change the pace. Buying a practical, effective, and useful gift for your companion and walking buddy makes Christmas and the concept of gift giving even more special to you and to your walking buddy. We at BoTy Dogs are all about practical and effective, and yes, economical and environmentally safe as well. With our newest BoTy Dog product, “Picking Up In Good Company” Dog Poop Bags, dog owners around the globe are finding this product to be not only practical and safe, but indeed very affordable as well.

These extraordinary dog poop bags are an ideal Christmas gift for your dogs since they are the gift that keeps on giving! Spending long hours together walking and relaxing, affords both pooch and owner the opportunity to take care of natural business without causing harm to the environment, to yourself, or to the neighborhood. The new “Picking Up In Good Company” Dog Poop Bags easily keep the poop off your hands and protect them throughout your entire walk. The bags are so durable that there is no need for double bagging, and they are completely leak proof as well. The leak proof feature makes it simple to put them into your pocket or your bag as you walk so you do not have to enjoy your walk with poop in hand. The bags are also perfume free and unscented which alleviates the typical “cover up the smell” that other products present with. Made of 2% D2W + HDPE, these bags are completely environmentally safe and are both effective and practical to use. Offering dog owners the peace of mind needed that walking your furry little buddy any long distance from home need not be a concern any longer. These safe and effective dog poop bags truly alleviate the smell and the mess, which allows you to travel any distance or length of time knowing that you have the capability of cleaning up the poop quickly and effectively without ever losing your stride, no matter what time of year it may be.

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With Christmas around the corner, make your walking buddy gift giving this year both fun and practical by giving the gift that truly keeps on giving. Our new dog poop bags will delight not only your furry little walking buddy, but you and the neighbors as well. Nobody wants to be looked upon as that “sh**ty neighbor who just doesn’t care, so visit us at http://botydogs.com/OP/pickingupingoodcompanyadvancecoupon/ to get your ‘Picking Up In Good Company” Dog Poop Bags today and keep the joy and happiness in your neighborhood at Christmas time and all year round with our best dog Christmas gift!


How To Decide On A Christmas Gift For Dogs

Well with Christmas around the corner, so to speak, it is time to start giving some thought to the perfect Christmas gift for dogs. Certainly those furry little animals that we spend so much time with, whether watching television, just lying around on the bed or couch, or outside taking those long relaxing walks together, are so important to our family and definitely have a presence all their own. Much like children, man’s best friends have high energy levels when they want your every bit of attention and just want to do nothing more than play.

Choosing the right dog toys can be a challenge in itself since you want your little trusted friend to find pleasure and excitement in their little play things. Most dogs delight in such simple toys as tennis balls and Frisbees, while some find their interest in tricky toys like tug-a-jugs and buster cubes. Depending upon your little companion’s size, interest, and energy level, choosing the perfect Christmas gift for dogs can be as simple as donning that leash and collar and heading out for that special daily walk.

Paying close attention to your dog’s individual interests and likes and knowing what makes the furry little fella tick, will definitely make selecting your Christmas gift that much easier. How simple it is when we have guidelines to work with as we set our sights on our gift-giving tasks. Every dog has a favorite game they love and enjoy. Typically, dogs find the greatest of pleasure in fetching and chasing outdoors and dog owners can delight in these very games since they can take in and enjoy their outdoor surroundings while engaging in sport.

All of these important factors come into play when you are deciding on the perfect Christmas gift for dogs. The size of your dog has an overall impact in the gift you may choose to buy, a well as their consistent energy level and their little personalities and individual habits. Keeping in mind that much of the time spent with your furry friend, and much of the games they favor and the interests they have involve the great outdoors, perhaps it is wise to think that one of our BoTy Dog gifts would be both practical and useful to give.

Walking your dog is a daily routine, but sometimes you can be restricted on how far you can travel and how long you can walk because good old mother nature calls making it awkward and uncomfortable to continue or further your walk when you have not only your walking buddy in tow but a bundle of dog poop in tow as well. Well worry no more. With our newest product, “Picking Up In Good Company” Dog Poop Bags all your worries are over. Our sturdy, well-defined, leak proof bags make picking up your dog poop so much faster and easier. Alleviating both the smell and the typical mess that can occur to your hands, these effective and environmentally safe dog poop bags are stat of the art and as durable and safe as possible. Since they are leak proof, perfume free, and unscented, owners can tuck them away in a pocket or bag and continue onward with their pleasurable daily walk.

Picking Up in Good Company 2 img

If spending long hours with your pup outdoors is the perfect Christmas gift to give, then surely our BoTy Dogs “Picking Up In Good Company” Dog Poop Bags are the ideal Christmas gift for dogs to give since they will afford both puppies and owners more time outdoors to enjoy their walks, their neighborhood, and their play. Perhaps these dog poop bags, a trick or treat ball and the squeakiest of little rubber duckies would be the perfect gift-giving bundle for your furry friend this year.


Do You Buy Your Dog Christmas Gifts

Christmas is that special time of year for gift giving and bringing smiles to the faces of all your loved ones. For those of us who are dog owners, that special list of loved ones includes our very own furry little friends. There are truly a world of gifts for dogs available on the market today that will bring your pets joy any time of the year, and especially at Christmas. From stuffed animals, chewy toys, and tennis balls, to Kongs, Tug-A-Jugs, and Buster Cubes, the variety of dog toys and gifts available are endless. BoTy Dogs is proud to offer their specialized new products to add to your Christmas gift-giving list for your best buddy. Our new BoTy Dogs Clean and Pamper Bundle, our Bulk Dog Poop Bags and Dispenser and our newest product the “Picking Up In Good Company” Dog Poop Bags offer dog owners everywhere practical gift giving ideas that are sure to make everyone, not just your furry friend, happy. What better way to delight your little bundles of joy than with their very own specialized Christmas gifts to open.












Just like children, man’s best friends are every bit as childlike and playful and would truly welcome the thrill and excitement of biting, ripping and chewing open their very own Christmas gift. With all that Christmas teaches us, and the role that our furry little friends play in our lives, is it any wonder that we at BoTy Dogs have created our specialized products just for them. Why not bring that same excitement and fun to your little pooch when they can rip open their very own Christmas gift with all the family eyes upon them.

How much pleasure we all take in the concept of gift giving and certainly in watching our loved ones receive and open their Christmas gifts. Why exclude the loyalist of family members from this extraordinary experience. Christmas Eve and Christmas morning is just as meaningful to those furry little family members that bring so much warmth and happiness to everyone. How wonderful it would be to be witness to your companion and walking buddy as he or she tears open their very own BoTy gift.


These very practical BoTy Dog gifts are available in a variety of price ranges making it easy for dog owners to find just the perfect gift for your little buddy at prices that are both reasonable and affordable. Whether you find the most pleasure bathing, washing, and fluff drying your precious bundle of joy with our Clean and Pamper Bundle, or simply taking that daily relaxing walk together throughout the neighborhood with our effective and environmentally safe Picking Up In Good Company Dog Poop Bags, rest assured you will find complete satisfaction in both our products and our prices. Don’t leave out your closest companion this Christmas. Make BoTy Dogs your family when it comes to taking care of your dog and bringing Christmas joy to their truly loving little hearts!


Christmas For Dogs

Christmas is truly the most festive of all holidays and indeed a time for precious gift giving to family and loved ones. Money and endless hours are spent on searching out and buying the perfect gift for everyone on your gift-giving list. However, how many people forget to include their truest of friends, their walking buddy, their most loyal admirer – their dogs, on their gift-giving list. How true it is that dogs are every bit a part of the family, and should anything ever happen to your dog the loss would be surely recognized as the loss of a loved family member. Then why not include these precious loved ones in the true tradition and spirit of Christmas. Start a whole new Christmas tradition this year, Christmas for Dogs, by including your loyal pet in the gift giving celebration, and the overall excitement of receiving personalized gifts on this most splendid of eves.

Don’t let your pets miss out on all the excitement, the sentiment, the emotions, the fun, and the overall meaning of this very tender and affectionate holiday season. Be sure to let your pets get treats from Santa too. Seek out some of the many ideal gifts for pups, and watch the excitement and enthusiasm as they fuss and fight to tear open the paper on their precious Christmas gifts from Santa. From playful toys, rubber bones, and specialized treats to some of the most personalized, practical and popular Christmas dog gifts manufactured and sold by BoTy Dogs, consumers are sure to find exactly what they are looking for when searching out the ideal gift from Santa for their special walking buddies. Gifts offered by BoTy Dogs include the ever-popular Clean N Pamper Bundle, the environmentally safe BoTy Dog Poop Bags, and their newest, just in time for Christmas product, the “Picking Up In Good Company” Dog Poop Bags. These remarkably safe and efficient dog poop bags are the result of the company’s efforts to keep neighborhoods clean and tidy while affording their customers both ease of use and a truly safe means of picking up their dog’s poop when walking. These bags provide the utmost in sanitary protection and make keeping the neighborhood clean and orderly so much easier, and are truly a perfect personalized gift from Santa for your furry little friends.

With the spirit of the Christmas season just around the corner, don’t leave out your precious bundle of joy this year. Venture on over to Amazon.com and seek out the perfect Christmas gift for your walking buddy and don’t forget to give a peek at the BoTy Dog products that are currently available for purchase on the Amazon site just in time for Christmas. BoTy Dogs is all about Christmas for Dogs so choose their personalized dog products for your pup’s ideal Christmas gift this year and share in their overwhelming excitement and joy.

Dogs for Christmas

With Christmas just around the corner now, people are beginning to think about and organize their special Christmas gift giving lists. For those with cherished young children, looking for the perfect Christmas gift that is enjoyed day after day and all year round can certainly be an enormous challenge. Why not consider the most exciting of all possible gifts to give – dogs for Christmas. Christmas is truly that special time of year when everyone takes abundant pride and pleasure in giving the perfect gift to all those dear friends and family members, and especially to the most innocent of children. Indeed their very own puppy on Christmas Eve is sure to delight every young child in every happy household. Imagine the pure thrill and amazement as your priceless little child receives their very own Christmas puppy on Christmas Eve. There just are not enough words to describe the overwhelming happiness.

With that said, the gift giver who delivers the perfect Christmas puppy is sure to accompany the little pup with a variety of necessary accessories and toys. The market offers so many specialized gifts for man’s best friend from squeaky toys, rubber balls, and colorful Frisbees to dog beds, dog perfumes, and an array of delightful dog attires. How common it is for everyone who gives precious dogs for Christmas, to search out the most practical and yet fun dog accessories to give. If you choose to give a special child or family member a Christmas puppy this year then be sure to include one of the most practical of all dog accessories, the all-important dog poop bags.

“Picking Up In Good Company” Dog Poop Bags, manufactured and sold by BoTy Dogs on Amazon.com, are recognized today as the most popular and truly the most innovative of all dog accessories on the market today. These amazing dog poop bags are everything any dog owner could want for, and are a must give gift with that special Christmas puppy.

Extremely durable and environmentally safe, these dog poop bags require no double bagging and are a sure fire way of keeping the poop off dog owner’s hands. Offering a leak proof feature that makes the bags remarkably safe to drop into your pocket as you continue walking your new little pup, these state of the art dog poop bags are not only economical but make cleaning up the environment so much easier. Every new little pup is sure to poop anywhere and everywhere until they are fully and properly trained. Cleaning up dog poop has long been a challenge and a tedious task for all dog owners, and especially for those new dog owners. However, these state of the art “Picking Up In Good Company” Dog Poop Bags will put an end to all those challenges and unbearable tasks. These eco-friendly dog poop bags truly make cleaning up the planet and environment that much easier, one pile of puppy poop after another.

If you are one of the many people who are thinking of giving dogs for Christmas this year, then be sure to include a hefty supply of these very affordable and economical dog poop bags as part of your specialized gift. “Picking Up In Good Company” Dog Poop Bags are everything a new dog owner needs and will certainly help make for a happier and healthier neighborhood.

Dog Christmas Gift

Christmas is certainly a most enjoyable time of year, but truly many people find grave challenges in deciding on who makes the gift-giving list, and what exactly are the perfect gifts to give. For many the thought of purchasing a Christmas puppy has crossed their minds more times than once, but after deep thought and consideration the exciting idea is abandoned. Why, well the answer is simple. Though the caring concept of giving a pup for Christmas is heartwarming to say the least, it is important to recognize all the responsibilities and even the tedious tasks that come along with owning a dog. For these very reasons, and the fact that a recipient of such a high maintenance Christmas gift may very well take offense to its deliverance, many a holiday Santa Claus decides against this one of a kind Christmas gift.

dog christmas giftsYes, you can bring a smile to the face of an innocent friend or family member with the loving touch of a special little pup for Christmas but honestly, the full time job of caring for, training, and nurturing that pup for a lifetime can be a bit overwhelming for the person on the receiving end of this extraordinary gift. However, if you find that giving a dog Christmas gift is exactly what you want to do, then don’t overlook all the necessary accessories that are vital to both the pup and its owner. A variety of durable, playful dog toys are every bit as important as the food you feed your pup, while comfy dog beds play a significant role in the health and happiness of your pup as well. Though these are accessories that are necessary and practical, there is one all-important accessory that you simply cannot forget or overlook – eco-friendly, effective and durable dog poop bags.

BoTy Dogs has recently announced the release of their newest product just in time for Christmas, “Picking Up In Good Company” Dog Poop Bags. Environmentally safe and very easy to use, these innovative dog poop bags are a must have for every dog owner. These very sturdy bags are remarkably sanitary and keep the poop off hands without the need for double bagging or the fear of ripping or tearing of the bags. In addition, the bags are leak proof which allows owners to simply tuck them away in a pocket or pouch while enjoying the remainder of their stroll with their delightful walking buddies.



Xmas-Poop-Bag-09If giving a dog Christmas gift is on your gift giving list this holiday season, then be certain to follow through by including these state of the art “Picking Up In Good Company’ Dog Poop Bags that are sure to play a significant role in keeping the neighborhood of any new dog owner both clean and environmentally safe. Christmas is truly all about giving, so be practical and wise in your gift giving with creative and affordable dog products from BoTy Dogs this Christmas season. Shop at Amazon.com today and order these very affordable dog poop bags just in time for Christmas.