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Do Your Neighbours Pick Up The Disgusting Dog Poop?


Recently I was out walking with Bogey and Tyra we were having a good time until I stepped in dog poop. I of course stopped to clean it off my shoe and while I was doing that I looked around and saw many more piles of dog poop! I was flabbergasted and disgusted there were so many! How many times have you stepped in poop someone else has left behind? I’ll bet too many times to count!

Innocent pedestrian about to tread in a heap of dog shit

It annoys me to no end when I see all these piles left behind. Who on earth do they think is going to pick it up?? The good fairy?? In my town the city workers won’t touch it. So it’s left to the neighbour’s like many others and me to pick it up. I am so very glad many of my neighbours feel the same regarding this topic as I do.  We attempt to keep an eye out for the “bad guys” but it seems it happens most often at night. Too many people don’t understand what it takes to be a good neighbour. I picked it up all those piles left behind, all 10 of them! Some of them were quite fresh and super stinky. It’s bad enough picking up after Bogey and Tyra, other dog’s poop seems to smell 10 time worse to me. How about you?

Often we walk beside a small canal. It’s a place where 100’s of people walk and many families come on a regular basis and feed the ducks. Talk about lack of consideration for neighbours, little toddlers that aren’t super steady walking or even worse those who pick everything up and put it in their mouth. UCH!

2015-02-18 08.13.45

It really makes me mad when people don’t pick up after their dogs because it reflects very poorly on all we dog owners. People who don’t own dogs likely don’t realize that it is just a small percentage of “bad guys” who don’t pick up after their dogs. However we all get the same label when they see us walking and dog poop left behind. Whenever I see anyone looking like they aren’t going to pick up I go over to them and say “Looks like you forgot your bag today”. Most owners sheepishly take it and pick up the poop. Only once has someone refused to take the offered bag. He gave me a dirty look and walked away with his dogs.

I came home from that walk and made this sign, please share if you agree. You can share this whole post by clicking on the Facebook Button on the right. 


I have a neighbour with 2 young girls under the age of four. He put a very similar sign on his lawn (where his girls play) only to have someone pull it out and leave it laying on the ground.

One day I am going to deposit the “left behind” poop on their front lawn, I wonder how they would like it??


Just after I had started writing this post we received notification we would be having a commercial filmed on our street and the put up a lot of temporary no parking signs.  The day of filming came and went, I was out early in the morning walking Bogey and Tyra and discovered they left quite a few of the temporary no parking signs behind. 🙂  (Light Bulb Moment Happened)

I picked up the signs on my way home from the walk, thank goodness I only had to walk one block.  I  removed the sign from the stake, wrote on the back and replaced the sign on the stake.

2015-08-22 12.11.58

Once I had 2 signs made I went over to my neighbour with the 2 little girls and asked him if he wanted to have one of the signs placed by his back gate.  He readily agreed!  I also placed one in my own front yard. 🙂

2015-08-22 09.43.45

2015-08-22 09.45.30







Our lawns are looking pretty bad right now, we are in level 4 drought conditions and not allowed to water our lawn at all!  Pretty dramatic conditions this year.

My neighbour and I were pretty hopeful, maybe, just maybe people would stop leaving their dog poop on our lawns!  AND they would decide to be a good neighbour. Then I thought “why don’t I put some signs up where I picked up most of the 10 poops that day.  I had 2 of the temporary no parking signs left and thought what the heck, it can’t hurt!  I walked to the end of the block and added the 2 new signs close to the walkway beside the canal.  On my way back I discovered 5 more temporary no parking signs, picked em up and brought em home!

2015-08-21 09.46.48 2015-08-21 09.47.21







Then sometime during 8:00 AM and Noon the next day ALL the signs disappeared.  I had seen a city truck in the neighbourhood earlier that morning and thought maybe they had removed them because they had actually been placed on city property.  When I told many of my neighbours the story they all figure “No Way, the Culprits Removed Them!”

Luckily I had picked up the 5 other signs so I had the resources to make more!  AND I DID!  The signs are now back in the same places on my front lawn and at my neighbours back gate.  I didn’t put any down at the end of the block because I am watching these two new signs just in case someone attempts to remove them too.

pick up the disgusting dog poopCleaning up after Bogey and Tyra is something I am pretty adamant about.  There has been the odd occasion where I have been caught without a poop bag, thank goodness not often.  If I’m lucky enough to run across another dog walker I’ll ask for a bag, if not I’ll get one from home and back and pick it up.

In fact, when the opportunity came up to build a brand selling products on Amazon dog poop bags were our very first product.  To help you and other pick up the disgusting dog poop for those of you who see this post have the chance to pick up the BoTy Dogs poop bags at cost!  I had no idea when we first adopted a dog that I would become passionate about dog poop bags, but everything happens for a reason.  Now you can take advantage and pick up lots of poop bags, plenty enough to hand out to the culprits when you see them!

Head over to Amazon, use this specific link as it will take you right to the BoTy Dogs Poop Bags and use the coupon code UAF23V8I


Once you receive your bags I would love to hear how you help others be a good neighbour. 🙂


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