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Dog Training a Must When You Adopt A New Pup

Dog Training A Must When You Adopt a New Pup

Dog training develops good person-dog relationships. One of the most effective methods to begin this relationship is through the use of dog toys. Would you believe dog training is not insignificant? Let’s dig a little deeper into the topic. Dog training is an important; as important as training your child. The training is pretty much based on the communication between the owner and the dog. There’s absolutely no significant link between you and your dog in the beginning. This is what you want to accomplish through dog training to establish a relationship bond with your new pup.

Language training:
Dog training isn’t a simple job. You are going to need to find within yourself a huge amount of love and energy on your part. You also have to possess stamina to train a dog; it definitely takes persistence. Dogs initially don’t understand words when you begin their training. Educate them with the use signs together with words. Begin training the dog just with ten commands. Your initial training is over, after you have completed the ten commands. Start with the basics, the commands that make your dog the “welcome anywhere” dog we all want.  The 10 basic commands I recommend are; down, sit, go, come, stay, heel, wait, leave it, drop it and their name. Once your new pup learns the 10 basic commands you will have a dog you’ll be proud to take anywhere. When they are well behaved they make great companions who will be welcomed by most of your friends and family.

Dog Language training

Potty training:

Toilet training your dog is extremely challenging and can occasionally be really frustrating. But the benefit is something that lasts a lifetime. When you train your dog with potty commands, you are going to have to be consistent. This training can help your pet develop a behaviour that is positive.  With our very first dog we used the command “pee pee time” and took her outside to a special spot on the grass.  We were both extremely consistent and it only took a couple of weeks before she responded to the command even when we were somewhere else.  One challenge we had for the rest of her life, she only wanted to go on grass. 🙂

Dog Potty trainingYou largest challenge will be for you to understand your dogs’ signs when it needs to go potty. Take the dog outside at all the normal times, when they first wake up, after they eat, before you go to bed for the night and if they have been inside for a long period of time. Also remember your pet is similar to a human being, when it obeys your commands, it will like to be rewarded.

Dog training for compliance:

You are going to need to follow specific techniques when you are dog training for compliance.

1) Praise and give rewards: You must praise and reward your dog when your command is obeyed. If the dog goes wrong then correct the behaviour. When you are consistent with your praise and rewards your dog will understand you more quickly and easily.

In the initial training stages the dog is not going to realize what commands you’re giving it. Nevertheless, stick to it and when you believe in what you are doing and implement consistently over time you’re dog will soon begin to understand. You have to give a straightforward education to him and make him realize exactly what you need and want him to do. Among the significant things that will aid in achieving great results are dog toys.  Use them liberally.

You’ve got to be honest and realistic when you give your puppy training. If he doesn’t do something, which he’s not been educated correctly, you must not penalize the dog. Be gentle and continue to train and above reward all good behaviour.

Let your training sessions be fun, enjoyable and brief. Train the dog slowly. Instruct your dog one command at a time. After he learns the first command move on to the next. As you build on the 10 basic commands your dog will pick up faster and faster. The dog will have a better understanding of the process and exactly what you want.

You are going to need to find time every day to train your dog. Respond to both good and bad behaviour in the appropriate manner. Make sure your dog has toys as this will make the whole dog training experience profitable and more enjoyable.

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