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Dog Walking Tips

Dog walking tips for new dog owners, because sometimes it can just be overwhelming. Your new dog or even new to you dog is just so excited and happy to be with you they are just one big energetic bundle.

You have to take control and become the Pack Leader. This series of tips will help you get started teaching your dog just who is the “top dog” in your house.


DSCN1882Walking your dog is necessary for the health and happiness of you and your pet. Using a leash is basic and in many areas the law, but it can still be an enjoyable experience for you and also your dog. Before you set off, check out these tips, so you as well as your furry baby can optimize your time and effort together

1. Be sure your dog has the proper license and identification for your location. Unfortunately there are several pet owners who don’t take this step. It is such a simple thing, but regrettably, dogs are lost all the time because of lack of identification. Include your cellular phone number, it’s the fastest way for you pet to get home safe and sound. Microchips are the best option but should you not have it, ensure you’ve got a sturdy collar with an accurate ID attached. Neither Bogey or Tyra can speed dial, make certain your good Samaritan can reach you quickly and easily.

2. Pack water as well as a drinking bowl. Select a small, ultra portable back pack and include a collapsible water bowl within it along with a sports water bottle. Should you or your pet get thirsty, you’ll have just what you need.

3. Bring protection for you and your pet. In many places either you or you dog could be in danger from competitive dogs that run off leash and attack you or strays that become a problem. We have all see the news stories. Carry dog mace, which has a particular organic compound that will not permanently injure a dog, and is much safer than trying to hurt another dog with something like a stick or your foot. Dog mace provides enough protection so you along with your pet can escape the ugly situation safety. After purchasing dog mace, in order to make sure you know how to control the spray take it outside and practice. If you are walking in places where you know there might be a problem always carry the spray somewhere you can access it quickly, not in your back pack.

4. Be inside the right frame of mind. Your puppy adores you, and you love your pet too. Perhaps you’ve are tired, or had a really hard day. It is unfair to take any frustrations out on your pet through your walk, out from your day together.

5. Enjoy your dog walks with your fur baby. Feed your dog once you get home. This rewards your pet, and reinforces the idea a dog walk that is successful has “FOOD” waiting when you get home. Your dog remembers! Also be sure to include a doggie treat, and make this is a part of your daily action, something your dog will certainly look forward to!

Tip #1 Walk in Front
1) you are the pack leader
2) the pack leader always goes in the door first
3) the pack leader always goes out the door first.


Tip #2 – Stay Calm
1) Lead or be lead
2) Relax your body
3) Deep long breaths

Tip #3 – Practise Indoors First
1) Better Control
2) No Distractions
3) Without A Leash

Tip #4 – Eliminate Distractions
1) Carry Smelly Treats
2) Focus On You
3) Speed Up

Tip #4 – Exercise
1) More Well Behaved
2) Reduced Barking & Whinning
3) Control Weight