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Frosty Day For A Dog Walk

Everything smells so DIFFERENT when it has the lovely layer of frost.  On this day the frost was so thick it appeared it had snowed a little bit overnight.

Thank goodness it wasn’t snow!

Frosty Day2016-01-02 07.58.44






The Japanese Vine Maple seems to have lost all of it’s red! But it sure makes for a pretty picture.
The roads were VERY slippery in the neighbourhood as the salt and sand trucks do not make it this deep into our area.

We had to walk very carefully and avoid the streets, in this case I am really glad we have places to walk where there are no sidewalks!

I made Bogey and Tyra pose for pictures, but only after we were safely in the park and walking on the sandy path!

2016-01-02 08.26.162016-01-02 08.27.07






Bogey was not happy as it meant he had to stop sniffing and marking!  Tyra was just unhappy to have to stop, she was having so much fun!!

According to Bogey and Tyra the only bad part of the walk was when it was over!

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